European parent Polo

Account - 944 Hatchback from Gol and 1031 from a European parent Polo. But wins, strangely enough, "Brazilians". Because the expense goes to kilograms, and thermophilic Gol an average of 87 kg lighter Polo previous generation. In doing so, Gol shortened by 17 mm, lower by 3 mm by 6 mm and more - and more technically advanced. After all, the front suspension and the steering mechanism here as the newest classmates Seat Ibiza.

Give starichok Polo and motors - both available for Gola "quartet" perevarivat capable not only gasoline, but ethanol. And from basic liter motors Brazilians achieved more than 1.2 engine issued at the Polo - 72 hp • N and 95 metres (76 hp and 104 N • m ethanol) against 60 hp • N and 108 m. Engine 1.6, only slightly modernized: it develops 101 hp • N and 154 metres (104 hp and 156 N • m ethanol). On the characteristics of a future version 1.4 is not yet known. Alas, modern gearboxes Gol did not receive - only five ancient "mechanics" of Argentine production, albeit with a "shortened" the ratio.

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