Proton Person 2008

Proton Person 2008

Proton Person 2008

The Proton Persona is the replacement of the Wira, a car and many years on the market. The objective of the brand Malaysia, is that the new person will sell approx. Some 30,000 to 40,000 units per year, a goal quite high for a company that recently began to emerge from anonymity world. The person then besides, it is notable for having a baul very good, and for which it can hold 430 liters.


For now only sell with a single engine 1.6i 16V 110-hp, associated with a manual or automatic. The interior improvement in quality, entering the times, which will have browser, bluetooth, air, driver and passenger airbags, side impact protection bars, and so on.

The design of this person influenced by the new cars are presented daily in the market. Proton use some influences from brands such as Honda, BMW, Holden and Chevrolet, but without forgetting that this mark has under his tutelage at Lotus, where you can also see the same features as its air intake front.


This brand like Tata, Lada, Dacia, Chery, Geely, etc.. Are brands that are now in an excellent time and the opportunity to improve the quality of their products and develop new projects as the most important brands, put their eyes on them to be able to expand their market further. Each of the firms that I have appointed earlier, which marks were 10 years ago or not existian no tenian a great production car. But now are expanding and improving its catalogue of models. Proton already launched recently to Prioria and now it has done with the person, where in a few years terminate renew its entire range.

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